Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Revealing Film Series on Jews & Israel

Headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming, Frontier Alliance International is a Christian mission organization working in conflict zones such as the Middle East. A publisher of Christian content, Frontier Alliance International knows the power films have to engage and educate Christians. Through its own FAI Studios, the organization produces films and series such as “Covenant and Controversy,” produced in collaboration with Maranatha and Pilgrim Media.

Started in 2013, “Covenant and Controversy” is a five-part series of films about Jews, Israel, and the great city of Jerusalem. The first three parts of the series have already been produced. They are The Great Rage, The City of The Great King, and The Great Trouble.

The Great Rage explores Jew-hatred (judenhass) throughout history. It starts its analysis from the early centuries, giving viewers a core understanding of Jew-hatred from the early days to modern times. The City of The Great King tells the story of Jerusalem, a central city in Biblical narratives plagued by conflicting ambitions. It is inextricably linked to the Everlasting Covenant and struggles with sin, war, and blasphemy. Finally, The Great Trouble highlights both the most devastating and most triumphant periods for Jews throughout history, from the tragedy of Masada to the triumphs of World War II.