Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Conflict Zones Religious Study

A Christian mission organization, Frontier Alliance International aims to make people reclaim their faith and belief in the gospel and god. Frontier Alliance International mostly favors and prioritizes people that are in conflict zones and face tough times and situations such as war.

Studies have asked the question whether or not war and traumatic events can make a person believe more in religion or believe less in it and lose their faith. One published in the journal Nature: Human Behavior found that people who are a part of a conflict zone tend to believe more in God. The study was conducted on more than 1,700 individuals in 71 villages and three countries. Even though the conflicts in the villages were not caused by a religious reason or motive, the people seemed to have an increased belief in religion. The study also showcased that the bigger the conflict was, the bigger was the chance for people to join a certain cult or religion.

In Uganda, the research revealed that people who were in conflict zones were 14 percent more likely to join a religious group, in Sierra Leone 12 percent more likely and in Tajikistan up to 41 percent more likely.